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Re: Changing reply line

From: Slackrat
Subject: Re: Changing reply line
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 18:24:17 +0100
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* Reiner Steib <> a écrit
> On Sun, Feb 25 2007, Steven E. Harris wrote:
>> Slackrat <> writes:
>>> Is there any way to change the writes/wrote to another phrase please?  
>> See the variable message-citation-line-function. Its default value is
>> `message-insert-citation-line', but you probably want to try using
>> `message-insert-formated-citation-line' and changing the variable
>> `message-citation-line-format'.
It works though


> `message-insert-formated-citation-line' is only available in the
> development version (No Gnus), not in Gnus 5.10.x / 5.11.
> With Gnus 5.10.x / 5.11, you can make a modified copy of
> `message-insert-citation-line' or extract
> `message-insert-formated-citation-line' and `message-citation-line-format'
> from No Gnus.

Regards, Slackrat [Bill Henderson] [No _4Q_ for direct email]

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