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Re: Dovecot not liking .authinfo?

From: Randal L. Schwartz
Subject: Re: Dovecot not liking .authinfo?
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 08:57:47 -0800
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>>>>> "Slackrat" == Slackrat  <> writes:

Slackrat> * Jim Crossley <> a écrit
>> This probably isn't a gnus problem, but I've used gnus with a lot of
>> different IMAP servers and I've never had a problem with putting my
>> credentials in ~/.authinfo.
>> I'm trying out a dovecot imap server, and gnus simply will not
>> authenticate to it with what's in ~/.authinfo.  It prompts me every
>> time!  The perms are correct, and it works with other imap servers.
>> I've looked at the dovecot.conf but nothing looks strange, and I'm
>> pretty much using the debian defaults.

It's working just fine for me.  The problem with dovecot is that it's
hyper-configurable. :)  This is what I have in my .authinfo:

  machine login merlyn password try_to_guess port imap

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