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Why Font Option Not Working for Carbon Emacs?

From: qquito
Subject: Why Font Option Not Working for Carbon Emacs?
Date: 7 Mar 2007 20:30:50 -0800
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Hello, Everyone:

I have just started using the "Carbon Emacs" on my "Power Mac G5"

I open the "Carbon Emacs" window by issuing a command (e.g., /
Applications/../Emacs) in an X window. And I can use the options -fg
for text font color and -bg for background color, and they work.

But I cannot use the -fn option. Whatever font I choose from the font
list as produced with the command "xlsfonts", I get the error message

     No fonts match '(my font name)'

Meanwhile, the -fn option works perfectly when I open an X window with
the command "xterm". For instance, I use "xterm -fn 10x20" to get a
font that is larger than the default one.

So why is the -fn option not working for "Carbon Emacs"?

Thanks for reading and replying.


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