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Re: How to change the default name in header?

From: Slackrat
Subject: Re: How to change the default name in header?
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:14:07 +0100
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* Matthew Zhou <> a écrit
> I want to chagne make the neme in the field Frome: be a name other
> than my user name of the system by default.

(setq gnus-posting-styles

;; #####
         (signature-file "~/.signature/bill")
         (name mail-user-name)
         (address "")
         ("X-Homepage" "";)
         ("X-Operating-System" "Slackware GNU/Linux --current");;       
         ("X-GUARANTEE1" "This email is Guaranteed to have been free of any 
              content or attachments when sent from <user>
     publishes SPF records and any UCE or otherwise
              harmful content should be reported to")
         (organization "Front National []";))
         (signature-file "~/.signature/my-standard-signature")

;; #######
;; REC 
         (name "Name For This Group")
         ("From" "Name For This Group <>")
         (signature-file "~/.signature/sig-for-this-group")
         ("Fcc" "~/Mail/sent-rec"))
;; ALT
         (name "Another Name")
         ("From" "Another Name <>")
         (signature-file "~/.signature/another-signature")
         ("Fcc" "~/Mail/sent-alt"))  ))

Regards, Slackrat [Bill Henderson] [No _4Q_ for direct email]

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