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Re: killing, but good

From: Bob Fry
Subject: Re: killing, but good
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 11:26:34 -0700
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I asked a very similar question recently.

gnus-summary-lower-score f(ollowup) &etc.

For me this often works to Lfst<ret>

,----[ (info "(gnus)Summary Score Commands") ]
|     `f'
|           Score on followups--this matches the author name, and adds
|           scores to the followups to this author.  (Using this key
|           leads to the creation of `ADAPT' files.)

BTW, I've found it helpful to use a single .SCORE and a single .ADAPT
file for all news.  In your init.el file:

 gnus-home-score-file "global.SCORE"
 gnus-home-adapt-file "global.ADAPT"

>>>>> "AA" == Allan Adler <> writes:

    AA> Suppose that I don't want to read the USENET postings of a
    AA> certain person, say, Peter Daniels, just for definiteness,
    AA> although there are others. I looked at the info for gnus and I
    AA> think I can figure out how to kill postings that are actually
    AA> by Peter Daniels. However, that isn't good enough, because
    AA> other people who reply to him often quote his offensive
    AA> remarks and I wind up reading them anyway. So, I need some way
    AA> of telling gnus to kill all articles that contain the
    AA> consecutive words "Peter" and "Daniels" anywhere in the
    AA> article, not just in the "From" field. Admittedly, that might
    AA> not be perfect since some people quote without attribution,
    AA> but it should be good enough for my purposes.

    AA> How does one do it?  -- Ignorantly, Allan Adler
    AA> <> * Disclaimer: I am a guest and
    AA> *not* a member of the MIT CSAIL. My actions and * comments do
    AA> not reflect in any way on MIT. Also, I am nowhere near Boston.

"He had delusions of adequacy." - Walter Kerr

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