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nnimap backend gets stuck with ssl

From: Konstantin Kletschke
Subject: nnimap backend gets stuck with ssl
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 09:50:31 +0200
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Hi Folks!

I use gnus' nnimap to connect to four imap accounts. While this works
perfect at home to my home imap server this is broken at work over a
dsl connection. When I let emacs idle a minute the imap server
After that emacs/gnus doesn'T realize that and does no attempt to
reconnect. When I press g in summary buffer it hangs displaying the

This is with the builtin openssl ssl method or with 

(setq imap-ssl-program "/usr/bin/stunnel -t 110 -c -r %s:%p")

The funny thing is, when I invoke the stunnel command alone, it
connects and returns to prompt after the imap servre is fed up idling.

Is there any help beautyfying this situation? I find some entries in
mail archives or newsgroup but no solution or misleading ones not
matching my situation so I wan't to get to know the actual situation.

This happens with GNU Emacs and its builtin gnus.

Kind Regards, Konsti

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