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Re: pgg-epg.el and pgg

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: Re: pgg-epg.el and pgg
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 04:50:39 +0900

>>>>> In <> 
>>>>>   Pietro Giorgianni <> wrote:
> my .gnus now contains:
> (require 'pgg)
> (require 'pgg-epg)
> (setq pgg-scheme 'epg)

> so i'm able to sign messages; but, i've also:

> (setq gnus-treat-x-pgp-sig t
>       mm-verify-option 'always
>       mm-decrypt-option 'always)

> this doesn't work: i cannot even see if a message is signed or not. if i
> enter W p nothing happens.

> what can i do?

Try removing (require 'pgg-epg) from your ~/.gnus setting.  Or, enclose
mml2015-gpg-extract-signature-details function definition in pgg-epg.el
with eval-after-load "mml2015".

Daiki Ueno

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