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Re: Basic gnus stuff

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: Basic gnus stuff
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 08:50:49 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.110007 (No Gnus v0.7) XEmacs/21.4.20 (linux)

On 09 May 2007 05:31:25 +0200, Fredrik wrote:

> First of all, how is one _supposed_ to find existing groups to which
> one can subscribe?

>From the *Group* buffer, I usually press ^ to get to the *Server*
buffer, then hit RET on the server I want look at, and then use u to
toggle subscribe/unsubscribe on the groups shown.

> How do I mark all articles as read and wait for new articles to
> arrive?

You need to "catch up" on the group, which is bound to c. That makes
Gnus record all unread articles as read, so only new ones will show up
as unread.

Regarding your w3-problem I suggest you either submit some more details
about your system (I use Debian GNU/Linux and use w3m - by installing
the package w3m-el¹) or find a group where the w3-developers hang out.

  Welcome to Gnus,


¹ Configured in my ~/.gnus like this (which may or may not be outdated):

 ; Show HTML with w3m:
 (setq mm-text-html-renderer 'w3m)

 ; Follow links in w3m with browse-url:
 (add-hook 'gnus-article-mode-hook
           (lambda ()
             (set (make-local-variable 'w3m-goto-article-function)

 "Danskar sover ofantligt länge."                             Adam Sjøgren
 "Skriv det."                                  

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