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Re: info-gnus-english Digest, Vol 49, Issue 12

From: Hadron
Subject: Re: info-gnus-english Digest, Vol 49, Issue 12
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 16:01:11 +0200
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nospam@dev.null (Alexey Pustyntsev) writes:

> writes:
>> MTAs) you'll probably have a better time of it. That MTA also receives
>> the mail for you if you have local delivery. AFAIK gnus cannot deliver
>> mail to you, but needs a backend (calling fetchmail, for instance).
> Hi all!
> I must tell you guys from my unpleasant experience that fetchmail
> sucks. It has many bugs, security holes and needlessly complex
> configuration file. I used fetchmail + gnus for more than half a
> year. Everything seemed to be OK in the beginning, then, strange
> things started happening like reinjecting over a hundred old messages,
> each of which was scrupulously marked by the gnus as 'duplicate'. When
> I figured out that it was fetchmail's fault I immediately switched to
> getmail (highly recommended), which I've been using successfully since
> that. Yes, just use getmail. It is free, simple, clean and very
> reliable as it was specifically designed to ensure that your mail is
> never lost or misdirected. 

And fetchmail was designed to lose and misdirect your mail?

Does anyone else back up these claims? 

I have been using fetchmail with procmail for over a year with no issues
whatsoever. Is it better to use "getmail"?

btw, how is fetchmail "insecure"?

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