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Re: nnimap troubles

From: Joel Reicher
Subject: Re: nnimap troubles
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 02:28:33 GMT
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Jeremy Hankins <> writes:

> I posted about one of my nnimap problems a few days ago.  There haven't
> been any responses so far, and searching online I found an old post
> about the same problem, also with no responses.  So I guess no one else
> is crazy enough to try to split alternate mail sources into nnimap,
> and that it's not even supposed to work.  Of course, if so, an error
> message might be preferable to silently throwing your mail someplace
> unexpected...

It is supposed to work, I think, but splitting with IMAP is a little
different to splitting without. Did you read the docs? For example,
there is

     A string or a list of strings that gives the name(s) of IMAP
     mailboxes to split from.  Defaults to `nil', which means that
     splitting is disabled!

          (setq nnimap-split-inbox
                '("INBOX" ("~/friend/Mail" . "lists/*") "lists.imap"))

     No nnmail equivalent.

Note that last remark.

I'm afraid I don't use this facility, so aside from this slightly
trivial response I can't help you. :)

> The other problem I'm having seems much more ordinary, though.  The
> problem is that new folders (e.g., mail gets split into a folder that
> didn't previously exist) don't show up as subscribed (or killed, or as a
> zombie).  They do show up if I use 'A A' to get a complete list of
> folders, and I can then subscribe to them.  I have
> `gnus-options-subscribe' set to ".*", which I would expect would
> subscribed me to any new groups whatsoever.  But it doesn't seem to have
> any effect.

And again from the docs...

   Gnus gives you all the opportunity you could possibly want for
shooting yourself in the foot.  Let's say you create a group that will
contain all the mail you get from your boss.  And then you accidentally
unsubscribe from the group.  Gnus will still put all the mail from your
boss in the unsubscribed group, and so, when your boss mails you "Have
that report ready by Monday or you're fired!", you'll never see it and,
come Tuesday, you'll still believe that you're gainfully employed while
you really should be out collecting empty bottles to save up for next
month's rent money.


        - Joel

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