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Re: Incomingxxx files from pop; how to get it into nnml folders

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Incomingxxx files from pop; how to get it into nnml folders
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 15:27:53 +0200
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William Xu <> writes:

Hi William,

> I also find many Incomingxxxx files in ~/Mail. I'm not sure how they
> gets created. Maybe because i let my notebook go sleep directly after
> work, then at home there's no network. Thus makes `fetchmail' in
> trouble.

That's a feature of development gnusea. There the variable

,----[ C-h v mail-source-delete-incoming RET ]
| mail-source-delete-incoming is a variable defined in `mail-source.el'.
| Its value is nil
| Documentation:
| *If non-nil, delete incoming files after handling.
| If t, delete immediately, if nil, never delete.  If a positive number, delete
| files older than number of days.

is set to nil, so you won't loose any mail due to failures in the
further processing of gnus.

If programmers deserve to  be rewarded for creating innovative programs,
by the same  token they deserve to be punished if  they restrict the use
of these programs. (Richard M. Stallman)

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