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Re: gnus-summary-line-format setting for "Sent Folder"

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: gnus-summary-line-format setting for "Sent Folder"
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 08:29:47 +0900
User-agent: Gnus/5.110007 (No Gnus v0.7) Emacs/22.0.990 (gnu/linux)

>>>>> In <> Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:
> poppyer <> writes:

>> How can I set the gnus-summary-line-format such that in the "Sent
>> Folder", it shows "To field" rather than "From field". Obviously the
>> From field is myself.

> I don't know, but have you tried setting gnus-ignored-from-addresses?
> Will that work well enough for you?

Making the summary-line-format that indicates only the To field
is not so easy.  As Mark wrote, so I think it is sufficient to
use `gnus-ignored-from-addresses'.  See the Gnus manual:

(info "(gnus)To From Newsgroups") <- Type `C-x C-e' here.

If you use No Gnus v0.4 and greater, this will also be useful:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
;; Set the default values of `gnus-summary-to-prefix'
;; and `gnus-summary-newsgroup-prefix'.
(eval-after-load "gnus-sum"
      `(gnus-summary-to-prefix . ,gnus-summary-to-prefix))
      `(gnus-summary-newsgroup-prefix . ,gnus-summary-newsgroup-prefix))))

;; Use the null prefix in the archive groups.
(add-to-list 'gnus-parameters
               (gnus-summary-to-prefix "")
               (gnus-summary-newsgroup-prefix "")))
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

The "\\`nnfolder\\+archive:" should be replaced with the regexp
matching the group names that you use for archiving.


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