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Re: limiting articles and tagging

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: limiting articles and tagging
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 16:09:56 +0200
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William Xu <> writes:

> I would also like to know a better way if any.  At present, I use "!".

I use a combination of "!" (ticking) "?" (dormant article) and
association with my org-mode set up.

For mails, I try to stick to the five actions Merlin Mann describes in
his talk "Inbox Zero": 

1. Delete
2. Delegate
3. Respond
4. Defer
5. Do

(I don't delete, I archive.)

I use "!" to defer things I want to keep in sight.  I use "?" to defer
interesting things that I don't want to keep in sight.  I use remember
and Org for things that enters into an Org project and that I need to

I'd say that the distribution among deferred emails is this:

 ticked: 10%
dormant: 30%
 planed: 60%

And I try to keep the proportion of deferred emails below 50% of all

As for tagging emails properly, maybe the gnus-registry.el will soon let
you do this with a nice UI.  IIRC Ted is working on this, and I hope it
will be out soon because I would find this very useful!


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