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Re: Splitting up mailing list messages

From: Pete Axon
Subject: Re: Splitting up mailing list messages
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 21:56:46 +1000
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Nicolas KOWALSKI <> writes:

> Pete Axon <> writes:
>> Do people create a new group for each list with a corresponding
>> nnmail-split-method? How do you handle this stuff?
> I use server side sieve filtering (Cyrus-imapd); my script stores
> incoming mail in a specific folder for almost each list. I read them
> using nnimap method. No need to use nnmail-split-method in my case.

Ah so does sieve filtering create an imap folder, amongst your other
imap folders, on the server?

That sounds really good but I don't think my isp has imap support.

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