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nnimap in gnus in emacs 22.2.1

From: mpstevensuk
Subject: nnimap in gnus in emacs 22.2.1
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 09:19:05 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0


I'm using the gnus in emacs 22.2.1.

I'm using nnimap to connect to a local imap server.

Mostly things are working nicely, but I have one big problem:

Sometimes, when I open a mailbox, gnus will show a number of messages
that were previously in that mailbox, but I've deleted from the backed
using gnus.

This makes it very hard to find the new messages I'm actually
interested in.

I haven't spotted a pattern as to when this is triggered yet.

Can anyone help? Should I upgrade to a newer gnus?


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