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Problems with imap.el and Windows

From: Nathaniel Calloway
Subject: Problems with imap.el and Windows
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 20:19:31 -0400
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/22.2 (windows-nt)

Hi all.

Thanks to those that tried to help with my last post on openssl. I've
narrowed down the problem a bit now. It is most definately a
emacs/gnus problem and NOT a problem with openssl. Specifically it is
a problem with a set of functions in imap.el, the imap-ssl-open,
imap-tls-open, and similar functions (imap-BLANK-open, etc, at least
each that i've tested). I am putting this out there in case anyone
knows of a patch or other solution. I am using gnus 5.11 with emacs
22.2, fyi.

To recap the problem, I've been trying to get imap working with gnus
under windows. I'm not a windows person so I don't know what specifics
of windows might be causing a problem in the code. When I try to
connect to a server with any protocol that required an external
process (gssapi, tls, ssl, kerberos), after the process is initialized
(with the imap-ssl-open type function) emacs locks up. This is not a
problem with the external program (the connection is made just fine,
and the process is running, waiting for imap commands) or any certs or
anything else. Yes I am sure of this.

Using imap-tls-open as an example:

Running imap-tls-open locks up emacs, but the function (used inu
imap-tls-open) open-tls-stream works just fine, and starts a working
tls connection from within emacs. The same is true of the other

THEREFORE, it is my guess that there is something in common to these
imap.el functions that is breaking emacs.


PS - Don't bother asking for logs from gnutls, opensll, imtest,
starttls, etc. They all look fine. If you know how to extract a dump
from emacs stuck in an infinate loop of some type, let me
know. Otherwise I got nothing.

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