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Re: start with a server offline

From: steph
Subject: Re: start with a server offline
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 19:31:26 +0200
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Peter Jones <> writes:

> steph <> writes:
>> i know that (setq gnus-plugged nil) start gnus offline, 
>> but, i would like to know how to start gnus with a server (nrrss) offline
>> and the others open.
> I think what you want is M-x gnus-no-server
> ,----[ C-h f gnus-no-server RET ]
> | gnus-no-server is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `gnus.el'.
> | (gnus-no-server &optional arg slave)
> | 
> | Read network news.
> | If arg is a positive number, Gnus will use that as the startup
> | level. If arg is nil, Gnus will be started at level 2.  If arg is
> | non-nil and not a positive number, Gnus will prompt the user for the
> | name of an NNTP server to use.
> | As opposed to `gnus', this command will not connect to the local
> | server.
> | 
> `----
> You could put your other servers at level 2, and your nrrss server at
> level 3.
> ,----[ C-h f gnus-group-set-current-level RET ]
> | gnus-group-set-current-level is an interactive compiled Lisp function in 
> `gnus-group.el'.
> | (gnus-group-set-current-level n level)
> | 
> | Set the level of the next n groups to level.
> | 
> `----

thanks for your answer but that's not what iam looking for
it's my fault, i have not explain my problem
in fact i already use levels, but the problem comes with the
gnus-agent which don't use levels (i think)

at gnus start-up, gnus check for new news for level 2 (mail+news), then
i've made a hook wich tell the agent to download all the messages with
good scores. The problem is that i don't know to tell gnus-agent not
to dowload rss message (it's too long, i have 100 feed)

that's why i want to start with nnrss server offline, agent won't download
rss messages, and once a day i open the nrss server and download all

it's the only solution i find but i don't know how starting gnus with
nnrss server offline. if there's another solution...


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