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Re: How do use the email based diary?

From: Lowell Gilbert
Subject: Re: How do use the email based diary?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 11:00:58 -0400
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Andreas Davour <anteRUN@updateLIKE.uu.HELLse> writes:

> Lowell Gilbert <> writes:
>> Andreas Davour <anteRUN@updateLIKE.uu.HELLse> writes:
>>> Lowell Gilbert <> writes:
>>> Anyway. The node I was reading was 6.8 and all that follows it. In fact,
>>> the second star on that page is the one I have problems with. It feels
>>> like it gloss over the exact procedure there. Yeah, I know I'm probably
>>> incredibly dense here...
>> The built-in documentation names the nodes, but it doesn't number them.
>> Therefore, I have no idea what you mean by "6.8".  I got to the diary
>> node by "C-h i m emacs<ret> m diary<ret>".  Is that the one you mean?
> C-h i m gnus<cr> m Email Based Diary<cr> is the one I mean. This is
> gnu.emacs.*gnus* after all, right.
> Sorry for giving a too little information.
> That part of the manual is what I'm getting confused by. Cron is not
> supposed to be involved at all. 

My apologies.  I hadn't even noticed that feature before (is it very
new?), so I haven't tried it.

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