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Re: Google Groups "star" feature

From: Timo Geusch
Subject: Re: Google Groups "star" feature
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 06:31:07 +0100
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Brian Adkins <> writes:

> Timo Geusch <> writes:
>> Brian Adkins <brian@ubuntu.sys76.local> writes:
>>> I'm attempting to transition from reading usenet via Google Groups to
>>> using Gnus. One Google Groups feature I like is the ability to "star" a
>>> thread so that I can easily see if a thread I'm interested in has new
>>> posts.
>>> What would be the easiest way to have a particular thread standout among
>>> all the threads with new articles in Gnus?
>> Have a look at the scoring mechanism and bump up the score of the
>> threads you're interested in?
> Ah, I think the menu commands I used were only for the session. I used
> the following:
> I s f p
> for "increase", "subject", "fuzzy", "permanent", and this modified the
> score file, so I expect they'll "stick" now. I'm not sure what visual
> indication I'll get in the summary (I'd prefer to sort by date rather
> than score), but if there is none, the tick feature will probably work.

At least in this incarnation here, I get a '+' on the beginning of those
lines that have their scores bumped up. But this being gnus, you should
be able to customize this :). It's just that I'm in a fairly similar
situation as you (went back to gnus after using other newsreaders for a
few years) and I'm still tweaking things as well.

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