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Re: Get public pgp key

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: Re: Get public pgp key
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 13:24:30 +0900
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>>>>> In <> 
>>>>>   henry atting <> wrote:
> once when a mail with an unknown public key arrived a xterm open up and
> I was asked if the key should be fetched.
> Unfortunately this works no longer.

There is no such feature implemented in the new mml2015 code based on
epg.el (yet).  But if you don't mind GnuPG always fetches unknown keys,
the following setting in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf might help.

keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve

If this is not sufficient for your use case, I'll arrange "yes or no"
query when verifying signatures by unknown keys.

Daiki Ueno

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