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Re: Quick Searching of Gnus Letters

From: David
Subject: Re: Quick Searching of Gnus Letters
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 12:09:22 +0200
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Kenneth Jacker <> writes:
> I have been using 'swish-e' as a "search engine" for a couple of years
> to provide faster access directly from withing Gnus (via "G G") to
> previous letters in my groups.
> Should I continue to use 'swish-e'?  Or, do you have another suggestion?

In CVS Gnus, there is nnir and nnmairix for searching mails (and also
gnus-namazu.el in contrib). While nnmairix is tied to mairix, nnir
supports several different search engines: swish-e/++, wais, Namazu,
HyREX, and IMAP. As far as I know, no one has yet written up a
comparison regarding these search engines, but one important point is
that while swish-e, wais, namazu and HyREX are universal text retrieval
systems, mairix is strictly tied to mail. If this is an advantage or not
depends on what you'd like to do with it, of course. nnmairix is
documented in the Gnus manual in CVS, but you can also look here for a
starting point:

The mairix home page:


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