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Re: group specific message IDs

From: renaudr
Subject: Re: group specific message IDs
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2008 21:38:19 +0200
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On Wed, 02 Jul 2008 20:06:13 +0200, Richard G Riley <>

> (defun message-make-message-id()
>    (concat "<"(message-unique-id)"@yourmachine.yourdomain.tld>"))
> But how can I do this ONLY for specific groups?

I am sure Ted's answer is nice but not sufficient for most purposes where one
sends news from different providers, use different mail adresses and so... I
thus don't rely on system settings for mail sending and use smtpmail instead,
for news I customize the server to connect too.

I have a little library that I am using for almost 10 years now which allows
me to customize an X-Fake header that I set in a group/topic parameter. This
basically change some sensible fields such as the From and Message-Id fields
of the header.

For message id's I use

(defun message-fake-message-id (&optional faked-config-name env)
  "Fakes a unique message id base on faked configuration's machine's opinion"
  (flet ((message-make-fqdn () (message-fake-fqdn faked-config-name env)))

to rewrite how id's are generated.

I can send it to the group if there is some interest.


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