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Looking for a proper way to post format=flowed messages

From: आशीष शुक्ल Ashish Shukla
Subject: Looking for a proper way to post format=flowed messages
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 12:00:51 +0530
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I recently came to know about 'format=flowed' style of posting messages. I want to know what is the recommended way to post such messages using Gnus. I'm running Emacs CVS. I've following lines of LISP code in my .gnus:

(defcustom my-inline-pgp-mails-list
        "List of email address which only accept inline-PGP signed mails"
        :type '(repeat string))

(defun my-list-all-recipients()
        "Lists all recipients in the current buffer"
        (let ((list-of-recipients)
                (list-of-emails '()))
(setq list-of-recipients (split-string (concat (message-fetch-field "to") ","
                        (message-fetch-field "bcc") ","
                        (message-fetch-field "cc")) ","))
                (dolist (recipient list-of-recipients)
                        (when (string-match 
"\\([[:alnum:].-]+@[[:alnum:].-]*\\)" recipient)
                                (add-to-list 'list-of-emails (match-string 1 

(defun my-sign-mail()
        "Sends a PGP signed mail depending on whether recipient allows PGP/MIME 
signed mails"
                ((recipients (my-list-all-recipients))
             (message-signed nil))
                (dolist (email my-inline-pgp-mails-list)
                        (when (member email recipients)
                                (setq message-signed t)
                                (return t)))
                (unless message-signed (mml-secure-sign-pgpmime))))

(add-hook 'message-setup-hook '(lambda() (use-hard-newlines t t)))
(setq mm-fill-flowed t)
(add-hook 'message-send-hook 'my-sign-mail)

1. Whenever I try to send PGP (MIME) signed messages or unsigned messages, message is posted as format=flowed, but when I send as PGP (inline) signed messages, they're sent without format=flowed in 'Content-Type'.

2. If I reply to a message (non format=flowed), then all of the lines in the messages gets concatenated, which I think is due to presence of no hard-newline characters in the message.

So, I want to know if it is possible to send format=flowed messages properly with Gnus ? If yes, then what is the recommended way ?

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