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Re: use GNUS with google to read news in GNUS again?

From: Tim McNamara
Subject: Re: use GNUS with google to read news in GNUS again?
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 10:56:09 -0500
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Ed <> writes:

> Alas, after 20 years I still haven't figured out that feature, but
> by now I am well used to GNUS for reading both news and email.
> However, someone seems to have done away with news servers
> somehow. My ISP doesn't offer news, nor is it available in my
> workplace. I don't know why this technology, developed when I was a
> boy, should have suddenly developed such problems...
> Google, of course, has come to the rescue, and that's how I am
> posting this message. But I never go to google and scan
> groups. (Because that would mean leaving emacs! ;-)

That and Web interfaces for discussion groups suck.  Slow, cumbersome,
irksome.  They exist because the majority of internet users only know
how to use Internet Explorer, and because of this it is the only local
application they use.  This creates a ready market for crappy web
services- and the advertising that come with- because the target
market doesn't know any better.

> So is there any way to have GNUS take advantage of the google
> newsgroup server?

No, since Google Groups is not a news server.  But you can use Google
to google for "free news servers" and you'll lists of open news
servers you can use for free.  There are subscription servers too.

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