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Re: smtp and greylisting

From: Zak B. Elep
Subject: Re: smtp and greylisting
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 09:59:28 +0800
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leandro noferini <> writes:

> I need to send mail to  a server that uses greylisting using smtp within
> emacs, so I need to try some times before my message will be accepted.
> Is there a way to make automatic this tries?

Do you authenticate to the server prior to sending?  If so, perhaps that
server needs to be reconfigured as to not greylist incoming mails from
authenticated SMTP sessions.

Or, you could set up a local nullmailer[1] on your machine that will
accept mails on a local queue and relay them to your real SMTP server.
This way, Emacs will not have to go through the trouble to retrying to
send mail (and subsequently blocking your other editing/etc work.)


  I like the idea of 256 bits, though: 32 for the (Unicode) character leaves
  room for 224 Bucky bits, which ought to be enough for anyone.
                                -- Roland Hutchinson, in alt.folklore.computers

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