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Re: is nnimap broken? Is gnus 5.11 broken?

From: Ed
Subject: Re: is nnimap broken? Is gnus 5.11 broken?
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 03:09:03 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 30, 3:20 am, David <> wrote:
> Ed <> writes:
> > On Jul 29, 7:56 am, David <> wrote:
> >> Ed <> writes:
> >> >                                   (nnimap-list-pattern ("INBOX"))
> >> Please see the documentation to nnimap-list-pattern. The above line will
> >> drop everything except your INBOX. What you have to enter there depends
> > OK, but I would be happy to see at least my inbox as a mail group,
> > instead of nothing.
> Well, you said in your original posting:
> >Gnus is logging into my server OK, and I can get my mail via the
> >server buffer, but there are no mail groups I can subscribe to.
> I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean with "I can get my mail via
> the server buffer" if you do not see any groups there.

In the server buffer I do not see groups, I see the following two

     {nnfolder:archive} (closed)
     {nnimap:mail} (opened) (agent)

When I go to the second line, and hit SPC, I see:
K    618: INBOX
K      0: Mail/archive
K      0: Mail/drafts

When I go to the first line and hit SPC I can see the mail messages in
my inbox.

Then, if I go back to the groups buffer, it allows me to subscribe to

       0: nndraft:queue
       0: nndraft:drafts
     618: nnimap+mail:INBOX

So that seems good. But the next time I open GNUS this group is not
there, and I have to go back to the server buffer and read the email
through that.

So how do I get this INBOX group to stick around?

> Maybe the IMAP server indeed exports your full home directory. This can
> take a while, depending on number of files in there.
> You can put
> (setq imap-log t)
> into your .gnus to enable IMAP logging in a buffer named "*imap
> log*". You should be able to see there what's going on when you omit the
> nnimap-list-pattern variable (just hit C-g after a while and switch to
> "*imap log*").
> If your mailboxes are stored in your home directory (this depends on the
> IMAP server), you have to tell Gnus through nnimap-list-pattern where
> these mailboxes are. Usually, this is a subdirectory like "~/Mail/*" or
> something similar. But again, this all depends on the IMAP server.
> -David

I will discuss with my sysadmin and see what he has to say about what
the IMAP server exposes...



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