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Re: linking "article washing" script to menu and keyboard shortcut

From: Andrzej Adam Filip
Subject: Re: linking "article washing" script to menu and keyboard shortcut
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 16:04:14 +0200

Ted Zlatanov <> wrote:

> On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:57:52 +0200 Andrzej Adam Filip <> wrote: 
> AAF> Could you recommend short "HOW TO" about linking specific external
> AAF> article washing script to emacs/gnus menus?
> AAF> [the long way is to use: Article/Washing/Unix pipe ... ]
> AAF> P.S.
> AAF> I post in UTF-8 to news hierarchy where *some* [...] ignore encoding
> AAF> properly declared in headers and assume ISO-8859-X.
> Is the washing script to do the encoding conversion or for something
> else?  You should be able to do encoding conversions in a recent Emacs
> release without external tools.  

The problem is when *some* posters quote my posts in UTF-8 
a) declaring no encoding and keeping UTF-8 "as posted"
  ( ISO-8859-2 is "guessed as default" for pl.* hierarchy )
b) declare ISO-8859-2 encoding but fail to convert UTF-8 to it

The standard outcome is that *what they quote* contains "bushes".

> I think there's a hook for what you describe: gnus-message-setup-hook,
> but there may be a more specific way for washing in particular.

The right way to "evangelize" MS Outlook Express users (90%+ of the
guilty lot) how to set it properly ignoring *bad default* configuration
provided by Micro Soft.
Sometimes I am in evangelist mood but not always :-)

1) Some web portals fail to respect properly declared encoding and
   "convert" UTF-8 quoted in replies to even uglier "html bushes".
2) For pl.* news hierarchy *currently* ISO-8859-2 is recommended but
   UTF-8 is allowed (in most of the respected FAQs).

[pl>en Andrew] Andrzej Adam Filip : :
I have found little that is good about human beings.
In my experience most of them are trash.
  -- Sigmund Freud

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