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Re: Store .newsrc on server (and load it again)

From: Sebastian Kaps
Subject: Re: Store .newsrc on server (and load it again)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 16:22:03 +0200
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// David  writes:

> Ted already pointed you to Tramp. Let me add that syncing only .newsrc
> might not be enough, depending on the features you use. For example,
> drafts will be saved locally, not on the IMAP server.

That's okay. I have reduced Gnus to just being a newsreader after having
it used many years for mail, too. It just can't compete with the looks
of a Mac program and I'm starting to appreciate a little eye-candy here
and there... ;-)

> Therefore, you should usually also sync ~/News and ~/Mail. I've
> written up an Emacs Lisp function some time ago for doing this, via
> rsync. See
> For details.

Thanks! I'll try this out. It seems to be the cleaner solution.

Ciao, Sebastian

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