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Re: How to ignore "Reply-To"?

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: How to ignore "Reply-To"?
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 00:54:37 +0300
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Reiner Steib [2008-10-18 22:35 +0200]:

> On Sat, Oct 18 2008, Teemu Likonen wrote:
>> Well, I guess this means that if I occasionally want to reply
>> privately to somebody on a mailing list I need to copy and paste
>> person's address to "To" field. All the reply options (normal, wide
>> and very wide) just reply to the list address and nobody else.
> Did you really try to set `broken-reply-to'?  When I use r/R on a
> message in the group gmane.comp.tex.german, where I have set
> (broken-reply-to . t) in `gnus-parameters', the article goes to the
> address in the To field and the list address (from Reply-To) is
> ignored.

Yes I did, and thanks Sivaram for the tip. It can be useful but it's not
quite optimal for me.

In some mailing lists it's a convention that messages are posted always
to the list only (not "wide reply"). In such situations the list
software usually adds automatic "Reply-To: <list>". For me it's fine,
and I don't want to set broken-reply-to because then I'd always need to
use wide reply first and then remove all recipients except the mailing
list address. It would be too much manual work in nearly always editing
recipients. (Unless there's another reply command which replies to the
list address only.)

So, it seems that it's generally easier to not set broken-reply-to and
just honor the Reply-To set by the mailing software. In those rare
situations when I need to reply privately outside the list I can just
copy and paste necessary addresses.

Basically I'd like to have three different reply buttons:

  1. Reply to author only (with confirmation whether or not to honor the
     possible Reply-To).
  2. Reply to all people. The original author's address (or at user
     option, the Reply-To field) goes to "To" field and other recipients
     to "Cc" field.
  3. Reply to mailing list address only (the MUA needs to know what the
     address is so it must be configured).

It would be nice to have these three options always available. I used
Mutt previously and found those options handy.

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