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Displaying html mail

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: Displaying html mail
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 07:32:21 -0400
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I'm wondering if someone has figured out a good way to display html
emails.  What I'd like is for them to show up as normal text, but for
url's to be clickable so that if I want to see the html in my normal
browser, I can.

For instance, if a retailer sends me an email saying "click here to see
images", I'd like to be able to click.  At the moment, if the article is
text, I can see a URL and click it, but if it's html, I see only the
text and not the URL.

What I do now is look at the raw article and use X to mouse the URL into
the browser.  This is pretty inefficient.

I hope I've described this problem so that it makes sense.  I'm a very
long-time gnus user, so it's possible that it's been solved for
everybody else, but there's some ancient history in my .gnus.el that
prevents me from using the solution.

Laura   ( )
(617) 661-8097  233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139   

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area in the early nineteenth century and had cleared the land,
chopping down the trees, burning their trunks and branches, arranging
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here and there, slowly decaying.  Many of these people had never used
an axe before they'd come.  Some of them had chopped off their legs;
others had stood in buckets while using their axes in order to avoid
that fate.

Margaret Attwood, _Moral Disorder_

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