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Re: How to make them go away again...

From: Martin Fischer
Subject: Re: How to make them go away again...
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 08:44:56 +0100
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  Andreas Davour writes:

  > Next problem. How do I get groups to go away? When I create a new
  > nnfolder group it's usually invisible until there's something unread in
  > there. 

In the *Group* buffer put the cursor on the line of your nnfolder group:

  - G c runs the command gnus-group-customize, which is an interactive
    compiled Lisp function in `gnus-cus.el'.

    It is bound to G c, <menu-bar> <Group> <Customize>.

    (gnus-group-customize group &optional topic)

    Edit the group or topic on the current line.

  - Check

      Permanently visible
        Always display this group, even when there are no unread
        articles in it.


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