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Re: A question about splitting

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: A question about splitting
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 11:55:30 -0600
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On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 18:20:34 +0100 Andreas Davour 
<anteRUN@updateLIKE.uu.HELLse> wrote: 

AD> I'm trying to split my mail, but it wont work like it should. 

AD> This ends up in my "INBOX" nnfolder:

AD> Subject: Tapemonitor L700B
AD>             (Subject "^Tapemonitor.*" "tape-monitor")

Can you try it with "any" instead of subject?  You should also try
lowercasing it but I don't know if that matters (I always use

If "any" doesn't catch it, relax the regular expression to just
"Tapemonitor" and see what happens.


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