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Some (random) questions

From: fmoreau
Subject: Some (random) questions
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 05:41:35 -0800 (PST)
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I'm still using Gnus (yes I do ;) and met some issues:

The first one is about delayed message. It works fine when I want to
send a message later (I usually do that to remind me something one
hour before) only if the delay duration is 'small' (< 2 days
perhaps). But if I want to delay a message one week later, the message
is correctly put in the 'delayed' folder but it is deleted from it
maybe 3 or 4 day later and never send.

Second issue, I'm subscribed to several groups (> 8) and I'd like to
see from the group buffer if important followups (the ones with a high
score probably) have been posted without having to entering in each
groups. Is this possible ?

Threads with a score > 0 are displayed with a different color as the
'normal' threads (score = 0) which is good. But high score threads
are all displayed the same way once the root article is read even
if the thread contains unread articles. Is is possible to highlight
thread differently once it gets unread followup ?

In my mail group, I'd like to make a thread auto expirable, that is if
the root mail of the thread is marked as such then all followup to
this thread is also marked expirable automatically. Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance for any hints !

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