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Re: Getting a handle on gnus

From: Les Harris
Subject: Re: Getting a handle on gnus
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 03:48:16 -0800
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First off, thank you for all the responses to my questions.  I think my
issue with the g/M-g item is simply some strange behavior associated
with my usenet provider (giganews).  At least I have found other
giganews/gnus users with the problem.  So M-g it is, for me!

I have one final (as far as I can see) thing I am stuck on.  My previous
newsreader was Pan and once it downloaded the headers for a group they
would display in that group's summary buffer irregardless of read/unread
status.  I would like to duplicate this behavior but am running into a

I know one way to display read headers is to enter C-u N <Enter> in the
group buffer to display N many read headers.  This however does not
display all downloaded headers which is the behavior I would like.

I have tried adding gnus-fetch-old-headers 'some into my .gnus but this
seems to ignore any cached headers as it hits the server every time upon
group entry and starts downloading more headers.

I've looked into the article caching features of gnus but these
seemingly aren't really what I need either; I just want to display
previously cached headers not store entire articles on a case by case 
basis. (I'm referring to Y c, / * and friends here)

So I'm stuck.  I have the agent enabled with my server agentized and
plugged. The headers are being cached because C-u N will not hit the
nntp server if I request N<Headers Downloaded headers. Just need to
figure out how to display those cached headers by default.

Thanks again.
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