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Move a (nnml) mail archive to another machine

From: Frédéric Perrin
Subject: Move a (nnml) mail archive to another machine
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 00:47:50 +0100
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I'm going to switch to another machine, so I'll move my mails, and the
paths are not going to be the same (from $HOME/Mail etc. to /data/Mail
etc. where /data is a big disk). I'm currently using fetchmail to
retrieve my mails trough POP, and it is sorted with procmail, then
read by Gnus.

I'll have of course to edit some paths in several files. After having
a look around, it seems I have to :

- point procmail to deliver mail to another place ;
- modify paths in gnus-init-file ;
- hand edit .newsrc, .newsrc-dribble and .newsrc-dribble ;
- copy my mails to the new machine ;
- ...
- profit !

Am I forgetting anything ?


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