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Re: How to ignore "Reply-To"?

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: How to ignore "Reply-To"?
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 08:00:06 GMT
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On 2008-10-19 00:54 (+0300), Teemu Likonen wrote:

> In some mailing lists it's a convention that messages are posted always
> to the list only (not "wide reply"). In such situations the list
> software usually adds automatic "Reply-To: <list>". For me it's fine,
> and I don't want to set broken-reply-to because then I'd always need to
> use wide reply first and then remove all recipients except the mailing
> list address. It would be too much manual work in nearly always editing
> recipients. (Unless there's another reply command which replies to the
> list address only.)
> So, it seems that it's generally easier to not set broken-reply-to and
> just honor the Reply-To set by the mailing software. In those rare
> situations when I need to reply privately outside the list I can just
> copy and paste necessary addresses.
> Basically I'd like to have three different reply buttons:
>   1. Reply to author only (with confirmation whether or not to honor the
>      possible Reply-To).
>   2. Reply to all people. The original author's address (or at user
>      option, the Reply-To field) goes to "To" field and other recipients
>      to "Cc" field.
>   3. Reply to mailing list address only (the MUA needs to know what the
>      address is so it must be configured).
> It would be nice to have these three options always available. I used
> Mutt previously and found those options handy.

This is old thread but I'll reply because I just found an answer. Even
though this might be obvious to many of you I'll post my summary here in
this same thread.

So Gnus already has this functionality that I was asking for. :-)

If a mailing list has Reply-To pointing to the list, configure group
parameters like this:

    (broken-reply-to . t)
    (to-address . "list@address")

Now in summary buffer command "F" will reply just to the mailing list
(list@address), "R" will reply to the original author only and "S W"
will reply to all ("To" original author and "Cc" to list and possibly
other people).

It took a while to figure that out. :-)

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