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splitting to different servers

From: emacsnews
Subject: splitting to different servers
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 19:21:43 +0000

Hi ,
   I have a local dovecot server to store my mail pulled in from various
   accounts with offlineimap. In gnus I use gnus-secondary-select-method
   to connect to dovecot seperately for each email account, so they
   appear as seperate servers to gnus.
   I want to be able to split from all of them into the same groups,
   e.g. if I get an email from Dan Smith it should go into the same
   "friends" group regardless of which email account it was sent to. 
   Currently that does not happen. My fancy-split rule splits to
   seperate "friends" groups for each account.
   I have tried specifying the server in the group to split to, e.g.
   "nnimap+gmail:friends" but this just creates a new group called
   "nnimap+gmail:friends" on whatever server it split from.
   Does anyone know how to do this properly?


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