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Re: smtp's failure due to starttls

From: parmenides
Subject: Re: smtp's failure due to starttls
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 09:11:37 +0800

It seems that there is no starttls program installed in my winxp system. Is 
there any version of starttls running under winxp or cygwin?

"Ted Zlatanov" <> ??????
> On Mon, 9 Mar 2009 14:19:43 +0800 "parmenides" 
> <> wrote:
> p> I think starttls must make some trouble. According to the gnus' manual, 
> when
> p> connecting through tls, starttls.el and starttls program must exist. 
> What is
> p> so called 'starttls program'? Is it starttls.elc?
> You need to install the program "starttls" or the program "gnutls".
> The exact procedure for this depends on your system.  Once you have
> starttls installed, do
> M-x customize-variable RET starttls-program
> The description says:
>   The program to run in a subprocess to open an TLSv1 connection. Hide 
> Rest
>   This program is used when the `starttls' command is used,
>   i.e. when `starttls-use-gnutls' is nil.
> Hit "save permanently" when done and that's all.
> If you install gnutls, you have to customize starttls-use-gnutls and
> starttls-gnutls-program instead, through the same procedure.
> Ted 

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