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Problem with large UID numbers

From: Andreas Most
Subject: Problem with large UID numbers
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 12:36:53 +0100
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I am having problems with getting Mail from
The symptons were that gnus showed an unrealistic large number of
articles for the imap folders that contained messages. Entering such a
folder led to an error stating that there is a problem with a TLS packet

I could figure out by taking a tcpdump trace while accessing my mail
with thunderbird that the problem is quite large UID numbers like e.g.:

* 30 FETCH (FLAGS (\Recent \Seen) UID 591821746)
* 31 FETCH (FLAGS (\Recent \Seen) UID 606333535)
* 32 FETCH (FLAGS (\Recent \Seen) UID 608638667)

In imap.el the UIDs are stored in integer variables, but according to
the elisp manual integer variables have a size of only 28 bits, i.e. the
largest number that can be used is 268435455. 

I guess the same problem is also present for pop3 access, which I
haven't tried. I found an old posting where someone reported a
problem with pop3 access to but there was no solution given.

Any ideas what I can do here apart from stopping using


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