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Re: GNUS and imap [gnus-message-archive-group]

From: Andrzej Adam Filip
Subject: Re: GNUS and imap [gnus-message-archive-group]
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 15:57:42 +0100 (Kamil Jońca) wrote:

> [...] Now wors fine, almost.
> The only thing, I can't set is archive based on from header, 
> gnus-message-archive-group seems to be evaluated *before* "From" header
> is set from group posting-style.

You can copy sender "auto-selection rules" to gnus-message-archive-group
to select "archive folder".
e.g. I use three separate "sent folders": one for usenet, second for
mailing list, and third for "all other" (email).

'(gnus-message-archive-group (quote (
   ("^[^:]+$" "nnimap:Posted") 
   ("^nnimap:Lists\\." "nnimap:Posted-List") 
   (".*" "nnimap:Sent"))))

Hope That Helps.

[pl>en Andrew] Andrzej Adam Filip : :
The most disagreeable thing that your worst enemy says to your face does
not approach what your best friends say behind your back.
  -- Alfred De Musset

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