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Re: Keeping Gnus in sync across two machines

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: Keeping Gnus in sync across two machines
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 16:07:33 +0100
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Paul Mead <> writes:

> Hi, hope someone can help.
> I've been getting into using gnus and have it all set up for Gmail using
> IMAP, NNTP for usenet and nnrss for my daily diet of feeds. The problem
> is that I have to run it on two machines - my work laptop when at work,
> and my personal one for at home. I obviously don't have the personal one
> with me when I'm at the office, and the work one has a firewall which
> locks down application internet access when outside the office network.
> As a result, I keep having to manually catch up all the articles that
> I've already read on each machine.
> So, I was looking at using Unison and my usb stick to sync changes
> between them, but need to know which files to copy. I was going to start
> with all the .newsrc* and Mail/ and News/ but came across some
> permission problems.
> Can anyone confirm which files I need to copy to just do the above?

I set all my gnus files to be in my .emacs.d and simply unison that
Works fine. Unison is pretty nice.

The folowing settings. Maybe overkill, I'm not sure.



I know it wasn't (or didnt seem to be) as clean as changing one or two top
level directories.

> Thanks, Paul


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