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cursor in wrong buffer sucker punch

From: jidanni
Subject: cursor in wrong buffer sucker punch
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 10:16:56 +0800

OK, here's the deal: you are reading this article in the *Article*
buffer, but the cursor is still in the *Summary* buffer. You see this
neat http://l.i.n.k/, so you click on it with the mouse.

The *Article* buffer becomes the w3m buffer, and everything is
_copasetic_, until when you hit the space bar to page down the webpage.
Surprise Holmes, your cursor was in the *Summary* buffer all this time,
so like wham, you end up sending a SPC to the *Summary* buffer, and
causing all the actions that triggers.

Sure, hitting RET on the link doesn't cause the problem, as the cursor
has to be in the *Article* buffer first to do that.

How should I modify my ?

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