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Re: EasyPG for signing and en/decrypting Email

From: Suno Ano
Subject: Re: EasyPG for signing and en/decrypting Email
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 17:51:49 +0200
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 Daiki> I'd appreciate someone could do that (though I don't like
 Daiki> EmacsWiki).

Sure, no problem. This will happen until the end of April 2009 -- I want
to get a decent understanding of the matter first. Talking with you guys
here is going to do just that :-)

 Daiki> Anyway, I'd suggest that you should know at least the overall
 Daiki> concept i.e. What is PGP/MIME, what is OpenPGP, and how Gnus
 Daiki> handles them.

I agree. I known OpenPGP fairly well (in particular one of its
implementations namely GPG (GNU Privacy Guard)). I am going to read a
bit more about PGP/MIME starting with (Info-goto-node "(emacs-mime)
Top") though.

Ok, now about the block below ... you tell me if I got it right:

    Daiki> - Pgp/MIME is a standard, which mml2015* implements using
    Daiki>   ep[ag]-*.

    Daiki> - Openpgp is a standard, which ep[ag]-* implements.

    Daiki> Please note that PGP/MIME is a higher level concept of
    Daiki> OpenPGP.

    Daiki> Also, you should know that "inline PGP" (which epa-mail-*
    Daiki> implements) is a different format from PGP/MIME:

        >> The other day we had another thread which contained this
        >> message of Thierry

        Thierry> if you call `epa-mail-sign' with a prefix arg, you will
        Thierry> have an interface to choose your key.

    Daiki> This is not appropriate if you use PGP/MIME because
    Daiki> epa-mail-* commands are for "inline PGP".

In case is with up-to-date versions of Emacs as well as GPG (GNU Privacy
Guard), he should use the mml-* set of commands? Those, at a lower
level, use the ep[ag]-* commands anyways? Did I get this right?

At last but not least, about my former question, might anyone know why
verifying my signature does not work out as expected?

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