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Re: Indexing Gnus (and other...) mails

From: Ronan Keryell
Subject: Re: Indexing Gnus (and other...) mails
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 13:05:13 +0200
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Tassilo Horn <> writes:

> Ronan Keryell <> writes:
> Hi Ronan,
>> I'm looking for an efficient solution to index my mail that becomes a
>> huge issue: around 30 GB since 1987...  I've played around with beagle
>> and tracker with no success, except spoling my processors for weeks
>> and 10 GB of index that was never completed...
> You could try mairix (+ the gnus nnmairix backend).  According to its
> homepage, it should be quite fast while indexing.  (But still 30GB is
> quite a lot...)

Thank you!

It is a quite good suggestion! I'm going to dig into

I've tried it but it failed quickly with a "Out of memory (at
rfc822.c:439, -1538 bytes)" whereas it was only using around 200 MB of
memory (I have 3 GB RAM + 8 GB swap available...). I do not have time to
investigate right now but I will try in 2 weeks.

It sounds like a 32-bit bug or limitation on the tool...

BTW, 30 GB is not a lot, it is only 2.28 € at 0.076 €/GB now in
France. :-) It is far less than the cost of all the people that kindly
reply to my answer and the time I'm spending on this issue... :-)
  HPC Project

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