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Possible gnus bug when pressed 'C-u n'

From: Borja Tarraso Hueso
Subject: Possible gnus bug when pressed 'C-u n'
Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 17:16:20 +0100

Hi people,

I don't know if this is an expected behaviour, but inside gnus when I pressed "C-u #"  or "C-u !" etc... gnus marks the next 4 emails. However this does not happens when is pressed "C-u n" or "C-u SPC", it only marks next email, but not next 4. Is it expected? or is it a possible bug? In this case should I open a case as an emacs bug/new feature? I think this command should accept prefix arguments following the rest of cases. I will check other prefix combinations as well.


Borja Tarraso

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