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no gnus-mime-part-reply

From: jidanni
Subject: no gnus-mime-part-reply
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 13:19:58 +0800

Gentlemen, I have received a Content-Type: multipart/mixed message (from
Debian BTS). I wish very much to reply to part 2 of
[1. text/plain]
[2. message/rfc822]
[3. text/plain]
[4. text/plain]
[5. message/rfc822]
However as much as I place the cursor upon "[2. message/rfc822]" and hit
K... there seems to be no perfect command. (Even K C-h doesn't help,
maybe due to my
Let it be known that I was forced to do use
"| runs the command gnus-mime-pipe-part" to pipe that part to procmail,
so I could then reply to it as a simple message.

Anyway, gnus needs a full suite of r R etc. that can just act on a mime part.

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