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Re: import existing file - mark unrad

From: notbob
Subject: Re: import existing file - mark unrad
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 23:10:25 -0600
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Memnon Anon <> writes:

> I am pretty new to gnus myself, so I hope I won't tell you wrong.
> File = Article?

> I would use the emacs killring. 

See Glyn's article.

> Mass marking is done by a (positive or negative) Prefix, so
> M-3 M-u 'unreads' the next three articles. (or use C-u 3 insted of M-3).


> I agree, the manual is often more confusing than helpfull, but you get
> used to it ;).

I hope so.  I get so impatient looking for something and the manuals
go off on tangents unrelated to the title of the section, give wrong
info, or just leave out info.  I'm still trying to figure out WTF an
.emacs-dribble file is and why I gotta respond to prompts asking if I
want to save buffers to it.  Do I?  I haven't a clue.


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