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gnus colors and killing msg buffer

From: notbob
Subject: gnus colors and killing msg buffer
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 06:57:09 -0600
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A couple questions:

When I change text color via the faces customization interface, many
times I'm limited to only a very few color options.  For example, when
I tried to change message-cited-text color, orange, or other more
exotic colors like deeppink3, is not provided as
an option.  The question is, can I override these limitations by
putting lisp code for the color I want in my ~/.emacs file.

When I change my mind and decide to kill a forward reply buffer
(message) that's been modified, I get double instances of "this buffer
modified ... are you sure you want to kill ... (y or n)" yada yada.
Why does this same prompt occur twice --once in message buffer, then
again in summary buffer-- and is there a way to kill both
at one time?


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