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gnus-summary-next-group-on-exit: but what about digests?

From: jidanni
Subject: gnus-summary-next-group-on-exit: but what about digests?
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 03:24:07 +0800

C-d runs the command gnus-summary-enter-digest-group
q runs the command gnus-summary-exit

After pressing both keys in succession, I am back in the *Summary*
buffer, but the cursor is now on the next article. How can I not have
the cursor advance to the next article?

Looking at the code of q,
    (unless (or quit-config
                (not gnus-summary-next-group-on-exit)
                ;; If this group has disappeared from the summary
                ;; buffer, don't skip forwards.
                (not (string= group (gnus-group-group-name))))
      (gnus-group-next-unread-group 1))
apparently gnus-summary-next-group-on-exit only affects when one goes
from *Summary* to *Group*, not from Digest to *Summary*.

Anyway, maybe a separate variable is needed...

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