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After regenerating nnml .newsrc.eld and .marks not updated - need to wor

From: Tim Landscheidt
Subject: After regenerating nnml .newsrc.eld and .marks not updated - need to worry?
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 23:47:58 +0000
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recently I opened the server buffer in my Gnus v5.11 and re-
generated my nnml backend by pressing "g". After that, a
diff of the pre- and post-state showed that in groups with
(physically) deleted messages on the "top end", the "high"
number in the ~/Mail/active file was lowered to the highest
physically present message (let's call it new-high with
new-high < old-high), while the "((1 . old-high)) ((seen 1 .
old-high)" data was not updated in ~/.newsrc.eld and the
"(read 1 . old-high)" data not updated in the corresponding
.marks file.

  But, if I copy a message to this group, it gets saved to
the filename "(+ new-high 1)". After visiting the group and
reading the message (that is *not* marked as read automati-
cally), the second parameter of the group's newsrc data be-
comes "(1 . new-high)", while the seen member of the third
and the read member of the .marks file remains
"((1 . old-high))".

  From a user's perspective, while seemingly working, this
does not seem to be right (TM). Do I have to worry for real?


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